Shinydocs Pro for Legal Departments and Law Firms

Data Discovery Purpose-Built for Law Firms

Data Privacy & PII

Ensure legal compliance, and fulfill Data Subject Access Requests (DASR). Continuously identify and report privacy risk across content systems.

Content Migration

Shinydocs works with customers at any point on the migration curve. Whether you want to clean up data before migrating to a single repository, or you’ve already migrated and want to clean up your central repository Shinydocs can help.

Storage Cost Savings

Shinydocs Pro can help reduce iManage or NetDocuments storage costs with our duplicate file and ROT clean-up. On average our customer’s report finding 30-60% of their data to be ROT or duplicates.

Shinydocs Pro Features

Dashboard reports

Data Discovery and Reporting

Continuously identify, report, and catalog all your privacy (PII) data, across all your data repositories.

  • Determine whether you can defensibly dispose of your data or need to retain it, and what the retention policy is for that kind of record.
  • Find duplicate content that you can defensibly dispose of, saving on storage costs.
  • Ensure the record is in the correct repository — file share, MS Teams, email attachment, iManage, or NetDocuments.

Automate the Classification and Tagging

Shinydocs Pro provides both automations and simple search based interfaces for classification. Stop asking your users to manually classify and categorize content.

  • Use AI to automate content classification and tagging with 95%+ accuracy.
  • Standardize your classification schemes and policies.
  • Continuously identify and report classified content.

Search all Your Data Repositories

Once you have confidence in your content, deploying search to your staff is easy.

  • The only thing staff want from information management is to find the content they need quickly and reliably.
  • Search respects all content permissions. Staff will never see anything restricted.
  • Shinydocs Pro classification automation makes search far more powerful than the built-in search in each content source.

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